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The Smarter Way

Towards Better Health


Understand Your Body Better

No medical degree or extensive research is required, we've made it easy to see where you need the most attention and even where you're doing great! 


Personalized Vitamin Plan

Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice. That's why we take a look at your 500+ health indicators (nature) and lifestyle quiz (nurture), to deliver what you ACTUALLY need.


Easy Plan To Execute

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You got the plan, now follow through for best results


Take Control Of Your Health From The Inside Out

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Let Us Help You
Understand Your Body Better

Take our lifestyle quiz, upload your existing results, or use our confidential saliva collection kit. We've got the rest handled.

Get Vitamins & Supplements
That You ACTUALLY Need

Personalized vitamins & supplements to help you feel like your best self. (From 415+ billion possible vitamin combinations!)

Start Feeling Better With Confidence

Put yourself at the top of your list & take your daily vitamins...you'll feel the difference.

An easy and accurate plan to
help you optimize your

Memory & Brain Health Heart Health Bone & Joint Health Sleep & Energy Mood & Stress Digestive Health Strength & Fitness Weight Management Hair, Skin & Nails Immune Support

415+ Billion Possible Combinations

Each of our vitamins, minerals, herbs, and supplements has been custom-formulated by our multi-disciplinary scientific advisory board. As the first users ourselves, we spared no expense to create the absolute best and most bioavailable products.

Autumn vs Competitors

Integrity is the cornerstone of our business. We use incredible science, outstanding research, and strict privacy to achieve the best results for our customers. Simply put, we REFUSE to sell products you don't actually need.


  • 1 to 18 supplements available
  • Look at 20-100 Health Markers
  • 3-5 weeks wait time
  • Sample is sent abroad for analysis
  • From $99 to $300 for health tests
  • 90 day supplies of supplements


  • 30 supplements available
  • Analyze 500+ Health Markers
  • 4 days to get your results
  • Sample stays in the U.S.
  • $59.99 health test
  • Month to month subscriptions

Hear What Autumn Customer Have To Say

Getting it right, on the first try, means everything to us.


Meet some of our Scientific Advisory Board

Science is the foundation of what we do. Our team is comprised of diverse medical and scientific experts, including best-in-their-field geneticists, nutritionists, dieticians, physicians, naturopaths, pharmacists, and functional wellness practitioners.

Dr. Tony Kantzavelos
Board certified PharmD with 20+ years experience and co-founder of a wellness pharmacy
Dr. Nicole Deyonge, ND
Director of our scientific advisory board, naturopathic doctor, researcher and educator
Dr. Brook Sheehan
Award winning functional wellness pactitioner, body whisperer, and chiropractor extraordinaire
Dr. Linden Leadbetter
Geneticist and physician focused on genomic based personalized medicine
Dr. Phil Carson
Doctor of pharmacy, holistic wellness coach & wellness consultant with 20+ years experience
Carolyn Brown, MS, RD
Registered nutritionist, dietician and co-founder of her own practice with specialty on women's health

Frequently Asked Questions We're Here To Help

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We look at 500+ health indicators to personalize a plan just for YOU

Stop guessing with your health


4.8/5 from 1,251 Verified Reviewers Optimizing Their Health

Feel healthier and more confident with your vitamin regimen because we get it right, on the very first try.

Choose your package
  • Saliva Test Kit
  • Lifestyle Assessment Report
  • 30 Day Vitamin Supply
  • Free Daily Dispenser
  • Free Shipping Always
You Save : $59.99
Autumn DNA Kit
  • Ancestry & 23&Me Compatible
  • Lifestyle Assessment Report
  • 30 Day Vitamin Supply
  • Free Daily Dispenser
  • Free Shipping Always
You Save : $14.99
Upload Kit
Learn All About The Autumn Saliva Collection Kit

Using Autumn's FDA-approved saliva collection kit is easy, and our world-class lab will generate your confidential results as quickly as 4 days, while never leaving the USA!

Step to Step Instruction Manual
Sterilized Tube Container
Specimen Bag For Collection
Saliva Collection Tube & Funnel Lid
Unique Barcode To Be Pasted
Secure & Airtight Tube Cap
Pre-Paid Postage To Lab Partner

We examine over 500 different health markers to personalize your plan and report

We examine over 500 different health markers to personalize your plan and report
Get Your Plan & Take Action Instantly By Uploading Existing DNA Results

So you came prepared…We like your style!

Simply upload your DNA Results (Ancestry.com or 23andMe) and let us take it from there.

We use the same science-backed approach, plus the lifestyle assessment to tailor your plan.

Save Time
Take Action
High Quality Formulations
Made in USA
Confidential Results
Third Party Tested
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    • Genes are your body's blueprint; from whether you crave pizza to how you use and absorb nutrients, they control every function in our system. A gene variance can impact how the gene works, think of them like a well-crafted puzzle. When a puzzle piece is affected, corresponding vitamins and minerals are absorbed, metabolized, or utilized improperly. Health marker analysis can reveal which vitamins and minerals your body needs, and we are here to provide this research for you.

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    • Good news travels fast and our packages travel about the same. Here we give you your play-by-play product journey.

    • Shipping times for the saliva collection kit range from 2-5 days, depending on where you are located.

    • It's then up to you to follow the instructions to complete the kit and mail it directly to our lab partner with the pre-paid postage.

    • Shipping from you to our lab partner can take anywhere between 2-5 days.

    • Once received, the health marker analysis is completed within 4 business days, and the results will be ready in the Autumn Portal.

    • All in all - we are aiming for under 15 days from kit purchase to results report.

    • If uploading existing results, our algorithms can run in less that 30 seconds, no delay!

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    • Getting your Autumn report can be done easily:

    • After creating an account with us, you are given access to our secure online portal/platform.

    • The section called Autumn Report will automatically become available when - your saliva test results are received, you have completed the lifestyle quiz and our algorithm was able to run through your supplied information. A three-step process for so much insight...

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    • It's never been so easy to know yourself.

    • Our reports are organized on a priority basis by where you need to pay the most attention, to where you are doing great.

    • They are broken down to a per Vitamin, Mineral, Herb or Supplement with over 415 billion combinations available.

    • Within each category, you will be provided a great deal of actionable insight, education, and how you tested.

    • More specifically:

    • Vitamin/Supplement Info Includes - General Info, Health Impact Categories, Food Sources, Bonus Facts, Nutritional Facts and more.

    • Health marker info: Which indiators were relevant to this vitamin/supplement and how you tested.

    • Lifestyle Info: Which answers you gave that were relevant to the particular vitamin/supplement.

    • Research: All of our relevant research supporting the findings, recommendations, or information provided.

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    • The Autumn Report takes into consideration your 500+ health markers, diet, lifestyle and wellness goals to generate a personalized recommendation, just for you. We focus on what you NEED, based on cutting-edge science, nothing more, nothing less.

    • This is calculated via our proprietary algorithm built by medical and scientific practitioners across a variety of expertises. Pharmacists, Geneticists, Physicians, Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Dieticians have all contributed to the secret sauce!

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    • There has never been an easier or more convenient way to get your vitamins and supplements.

    • We automatically prepare your separate morning and night pouches on a roll, and send them out to you every month.

    • We send the first shipment right after both your health indicator results & Lifestyle Quiz has been received, your first 30-day supply refill is then billed and shipped 25 days after, to ensure you don't miss a day.

    • We send you a box of your personalized packs every 30 days after that. You have complete flexibility over your subscription, and can modify, delay or cancel future orders at any time.

    • Additionally, should your lifestyle choices change over time - you can come back, retake your lifestyle quiz, and your next shipment will automatically reflect any changes.

      We make sure the vitamins suit YOU, not the other way around.