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Ginseng: Health benefits, facts, and more

This blend of herbal adaptogens can help with stress, mood, cognition, immune health, energy and physical performance. 

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This product is most effective when taken before or after meals.

This ginseng blend can affect sleep, so it's best taken early in the day.

Ginsengs are sourced from around the world. The Autumn formulation is a synergistic blend of organic Ashwaghanda, Eleuthero, and Asian Ginseng.

Ginsengs interact with some medications. We have accounted for some interactions in your Quiz, but we always recommend checking with your health care provider before starting any new supplements.

Caution with the use of this product if you are on diabetes medications.

Ginsengs are generally well tolerated in low doses, but all herbs can have the potential to cause mild digestive upset or allergic response.

Not intended for children. If you are pregnant, may become pregnant or are lactating, do not use these products without first consulting your health care provider.

All herbs in large doses can be toxic, so keep away from children and consult a health care practitioner if you have any concerns about what dose is right for you.

Ginseng extracts have been shown to decrease inflammation, promote anti-oxidant activity, and increase energy production within cells of the body. This helps to increase energy and physical performance.

Ginseng affects brain health by optimizing memory, and some aspects of behaviour, mood, and social functioning.

Early research shows that taking eleuthero extract before and after drinking alcohol might relieve some hangover symptoms.

Ginsengs contain phytochemicals called ginsenosides, which are responsible for their beneficial actions when taken orally.

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