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Fair warning: This is a serious topic and you will read the word “data” a lot, but we made it just so we can ease your mind so you can keep nurturing your body. Here’s the gist.

We only look at data that matters.

First things first, we don’t care about your data, we care about your health. That’s why our DNA test only collects about 500 SNP data points (out of 100,000+), and targets the most actionable parts of your genome that are specific to nutrition. In other words, we use a lesser count of your DNA’s structure to develop a supplement combination dose that can actually work on providing the results you need, with very little “invasion.”

Want us to delete your data? No problem.

Bored and wanting to escape to a tropical island? Perhaps get a new name? You’re in complete control of your data. You can ask us to delete all your data, at any time - we don’t hold you off to any compromise. Your word is our command.

Your data is not for sale.

We understand your concerns but please rest assured, DNA is a tool to figure out what your body needs, not something for us to profit on. Our work relies on an ethical and scientific system that is only beneficial to your health & lifestyle improvement. Your data is not (and will never be) sold. No cha-ching for us there!

Your data is safe with us.

Your safety (as much as your health) is our priority! We only work with secure, world-class labs who will never store your data and are fully HIPAA- compliant. Simply put, your data is automatically destroyed by the lab within 15 days of being tested, so you can keep going on about your day wondering if you turned off the oven or whether aliens exist or not.

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