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Our made-for-you recommendations include a curated selection of personalized vitamins that have been scientifically proven for their long-term benefits, formulated with high-quality ingredients. We know that the old saying is true: you are what you eat. So take out the B.S. and fluff, and just add the routine your body needs. We make it easy through our vitamin subscription box. Every single step of our process, from your at-home DNA test kit to the formulation of your custom vitamin and supplement packs, has been approved by a team of medical and scientific practitioners. We work closely with them to ensure we stay on top of the latest research findings. We believe in transparency and our documents, clinical studies, and scientific research are readily available for you to read in your report. 

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It all starts with Nutrigenomics

Our process is based on the science of nutrigenomics, which studies the effects of food and food constituents on gene expressions, and how genetic variations affect the nutritional environment. We’ve spent years working with world-class nutritionists, geneticists, and functional medicine doctors to develop a proprietary algorithm that turns your DNA test kit and lifestyle quiz into the perfect supplement routine for your unique needs. 

The key to wellness lies within our DNA

Your DNA can reveal a lot of information about your nutritional DNA and gene variants, which can help highlight certain deficiencies, vitamin levels, and how your body absorbs key vitamins and minerals. Everybody utilizes nutrients differently, which means that you and the person next to you can eat the same meal, but your body will not receive nutrients the same way. But only relying on nutrition for essential vitamins might leave you feeling a little off, especially when a healthy diet can only go so far. That's when our DNA test kit comes in. Our testing is focused on your nutritional needs, which is why we only test 500 actionable SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) that have been proven to impact nutrient needs or absorption, out of the full genome testing (which comprises 100,000+ points). Your health is our priority and we want you to feel like your best self, every day of the year. 

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